Sunday, May 10, 2009

NEW Arkansas doggies arrive in Wisconsin!

The fearless Co-leaders, Linda and Laura, just about to depart from Neenah yesterday...they left at 1 and arrived at 1am in Arkansas. Long day!

Well they made it here! We were so happy to welcome our new 24 canine friends to my home this early morning...quite a big group of our volunteers showed up - thank you to all of you - and helped get the dogs through the intake process and then comfortable in their crates.

There is a full range of doggie looks and personalities with us - from adorable babies to sweet funny-looking little terrier girls...they all melted our hearts. What a day for a rescue!

They'll stay at my house for now until we can get them all in to the vet to be checked and get any other shots or treatments they may need before going to their new foster homes...and then eventually of course to their new loving forever homes! These dogs will get adopted quckly - they are all so loving and sweet and beautiful. What a wonderful thing for us to be able to rescue them from death row...and take them to new loving homes!

The next morning they met the Marion Shelter ladies and PAWS rescuers and fit as many wonderful dogs as they could into their two vehicles. Now they're safe forever! See pictures form their morning in Marion at the Marion shelter's blog:

Our intake area in my heated garage was all set up and ready for the incoming dogs, with cages and carriers lined up. I also got the fence done, which was the BEST part of it, because we were able to just let them go from in to out to do their doodie, and the dogs just loved the fresh air and running around free!

It was total puppy mayhem!!! So much fun!!!

Ain't nothin' but a puppy party! :)

All the intake was done in my heated garage

This was one of the babies from our litter of 12

Avery the chihuahua hovered by his foster mom most of the night, what a cuddly boy

Jasmine - what a pretty little girl!

Lil Lady....what a hilarious picture! She's such a little sweetheart!

Sophie with that sweet look upon her face...

We'll update with more pics soon. It's 2:30am and time to go to bed! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ernie Makes Progress

I transferred Ernie to a different foster home so I could foster some of the 24 dogs we're getting from Arkansas this weekend...and she is absolutely wonderful. She has years of experience with puppy mill dogs and has made amazing strides with our sweet Ernie. Her names is Donna and I got an update from her today on Ernie:

"Today Ernie decided to be a dog. He started eating, drinking, running in the yard, showed interest in playing with a toy in the house, and now he is even chewing on a cow hoof ... they are very stinky but dogs love them!! He does not stiffen when I pick him up and sometimes he even seems to make an effort to raise himself when I lift him. He was treated for tapeworm today and has his dental on Wednesday. After that he will be neutered... Today he has made remarkable progress. I can tell he jumped a psychological hurdle. Oh, happy day .... :-) "

It is so wonderful to hear our sweet Ernie is doing so well! Soon he will be ready for his new forever home!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Puppy Mill Dog: Ernie

I picked up my first puppy mill dog tonight. Another rescuer went down to MO to a puppy mill "auction" and tried to get some of the older dogs that no other breeders would want. There were some sad stories and it was a brave, hard thing for her to do.

Welcome Ernie to OARS, our first puppy mill case. He has been very easy so far. He's docile and friendly, wags his tail a lot and loves to be petted and really loves being held close in a blanket. He isn't eating much and did pee on the floor once, but he's had a rough last couple days and is probably scared and confused.

This poor guy spent his last 9 years in a tiny cage in less-than-ideal conditions, surrounded by other purebreds like him, doing the same thing. When called upon, he had to mate. That's why he was there. Little human interaction. Little love.

We can show him the love he deserves, and it is a cool, amazing, beautiful thing.

Emily and Ernie :)