Thursday, June 11, 2009

22 of the 24 dogs & puppies from Ark. find homes!

4 weeks later, we are happy to report that 22 of our 24 dogs and pups have found loving new forever homes...we are down to only 2 adoptble doggies left...Candy and Gracie. Above is Jay, the last of the litter of 12 baby puppies we adopted out. What an amazing ride! Completely exhausting, but completely worth it!

Baby Girl - from Arkansas - finds love in Michigan!

Sweet little Baby Girl, the dog I ended up fostering for the longest, found her new forever family in Michigan. 4 little girls shower Baby Girl with affection and love all the time! I am so happy for our little girl, who was a stray in Arkanas in a trailer park...who came all the way up to Michigan and is now a part of a wonderful, loving forever family. Hooray for Baby Girl!

Ernie Finds a Family!

Our sweet puppy mill dog, Ernie, has now found a new forever loving family! Thanks to Donna Matusewic, who took Ernie from me and socialized him and helped him realize that he's a sweet dog who should enjoy running and playing just like any other dog! Ernie is doing so WELL now, in his new home in Appleton. Hooray for Ernie!