Sunday, November 15, 2009

Adoption Center..."in progress" pictures...

We are making steady progress at the Adoption Center...thank you Jesse, Robin, Nicole, Tim, Sarah, Natalie, Tom, Carol, Russ, Donna G, Andi, Donna M, Sue, Kelsey, Laura and everyone else who made today a success!

Here is a sneak peak at some of our "in progress" pictures...can't wait to share the "after" shots!

Ed's Kitty Kondo...a kitty adoption room...we LOVE this bright purple!

Natalie and Amy working in the office...

The lobby...have quite a ways to go here...

The kitchen...I helped haul this dishwasher up the stairs...that was fun!

Mackenzie and Magoo's Royal Retreat...we definitely got royal treatment with the floors that were donated from Capital R Coatings, this is one of the rooms that got one!

Sargeant Buster's Barracks...another kitty adoption room :)

The basement storage room...Donna M helped work hard to organized this more today!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Magic in her Kingdom

Oh, sweet, frail, fragile little Magic...our 18-year-old foster kitty just wants to be loved...

Adoption Center Making Progress!

I'm so excited that our wonderful OARS volunteers are making such huge strides in getting our Adoption Center up and running! Thank you especially to Nicole, Natalie, Emily V, Em's Mom, Tim B, Nate, Sarah, Louise, Donna M, Donna G, Della, Jason, Corey, Russ, Jackie, Rob, Rob's sis, Andy, James, Tracie and her hubby, Lori S and all the other volunteers who stopped by and helped out already - we could not do this without you! You are all lifesavers!

A shot of our soon-to-be Kitten Nursery!

Painting a kitty adoption room a favorite OARS color - a brilliant purple!

Louise cleaned and organized the scary basement orange room - now we can use it for litter! Thanks so much Louise!

Louise ROCKED cleaning and organizing the basement!

Our sad little resident kitty Magic...found outside,18 years old, the skinniest kitty we've ever seen..we have a team of volunteers who is checking in on her and loving her up

Despite her being so fragile, she always wants to be by people and will crawl up on to you and knead and purr...for now, she's happy chillin in Magic's Kingdom :)

The lobby is slowly coming together too...

Another adoption room - getting the floors in soon...

The boys were hard at work painting and doing other boy stuff like fixing a pipe (we think!) and hauling furniture :)