Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pins for Paws was a Blast!

We had such a great time at our Orphan Animal Rescue fundraiser, Pins for Paws! Thanks to everyone who came out today to support homeless pets. What a great time!

The pirate team - GREAT costumes guys!

The Bowling for Bean team - awesome T-shirts guys!

Shawn's team - they even got sponsors, Bob Burns and Countryview Animal Hospital - thank you!

Shawn's team - they did awesome! :)

Dr. Spay and Dr. Neuter

My team - the High Rollers! We kinda sucked but had FUN! :)

Steph and Natalie!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Semi-Feral Kitty Shows LOVERBOY Side!

Jasper, the semi-feral kitty I adopted last week, has completely come out of his shell now that he is home with me! Semi-feral kitties mean that they had little human contact during their first weeks of life when they were babies. They take a lot more patience to own, as they are super shy. However, they can be WONDERFUL companions, as evidenced by my sweet baby boy! Once you get a shy kitty home and make him feel safe and loved, he will reward you with tons of loving and affection!

Jasper making biscuits and purring

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Dog Rescue

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us rescue 6 more dogs yesterday from another rescue. Special thanks to Linda Jenschke who went above and beyond to help, and fosters Nicole, Jaime and Debbie. Look at these cuties!

Kyle snuggles up for his trip to OARS

Awwww, Charlie!

Toby - what a cutie!

Stevie Girl - just LOOK at those beautiful eyes!

Linda with the two boxers - these two will need lots of lovin and extra TLC