Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Foster Room...the land of unwanted misfits

My sweet, silly OARS foster kitties are so sad it's almost orphans and oddballs...Luigi with his recovering wound on his head, Clooney with the mysterious wound on his side, Lilly with her hair loss on her legs, and Ted E Bear who's a walking skeleton and will barely eat or move. They are a lot of work, but thanks to Dr. Carrie Harness of American Animal Hospital, who even stopped by my house to visit and treat them, and the supporters of Orphan Animal Rescue - because of them I can get the treatments they need - they are all on the road to a speedy recovery!

Oh sweet, silly Clooney...the handsomest loverboy ever! This precious tabby on white baby has a mysterious wound on his side...that just doesn't want to heal. Dr. Harness gave him laser treatments and I'm giving him medication and we'll nurse him back to the meantime, he has to wear a cone so he doesn't pick/lick at his wound. Poor guy! But boy, he gets around pretty well with it on, even plays like a maniac, he is such a spunky kitten!

My sweet boy, who I've had forever...first he breaks open his neuter sutures and needs to wear a cone and be medicated for two weeks. Now, he somehow managed to get a chemical wound on the back of his head and his tongue. I've been nursing him back to health with the help of Dr. Harness, who donated laser treatments, which sped his recovery by about a million times! He looks so much better and will soon be ready for adoption!

Here's Luigi's wound, almost healed...

Poor Lilly...this sweet 7-year-old girl's owner had to give her up due to losing his job...she has some kind of food allergy, combined with stress, that is causing her to lick the hair off her legs. She is with me for medication and intense lovin' to heal her emotional and physical ailments...she is such a lovebug here and seems very happy.

Ted E Bear....this poor, beautiful Maine Coon mix kitty's owner died...he then ended up at the Lincoln County Humane Society in Merrill, Wis...then he came to us...then he went to Corey for intense care and socialization...then he came to me. I still have to force feed this poor boy, who is about 4 pounds underweight (very severe) and will barely eat anything. He is depressed and misses his owner, poor guy. We will not give up on him, he deserves a chance and we'll do everything we can to save this sweet boy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dog and Kitty Rescue Tonight!

Orphan Animal Rescue's wonderful volunteers rescued 6 dogs, 3 puppies, 2 cats and 5 teeny tiny kittens tonight from an overcrowded shelter. THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers for making this lifesaving rescue happen!

Hersheys Kisses

Baby polydactyl kitten!

Baby polydactyl kitten #2!

Bridget, the puppies' mommy!

Baby Puppy Linus

Me with Charlie Brown - ha ha!

Donna, our mighty road warrior, with Andre

Bentley, who had been at the shelter for two years

Bentley with his new foster mama Jackie

Princess Helena

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Royal Retreat Gets Royal Treatment!

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers Sara and Nick for painting one of our adoption rooms tonight! The Royal Retreat officially looks a lot more "royal" and of course we'll be giving all kitty residents the royal treatment while they are there at the Adoption Center until they find their new forever homes! Check out the new look while it's under construction!