Monday, August 17, 2009

Doodle Update

Our little Doodle Girl, who we're all pulling for, is still with us...we hope she's now on the upside of her illness...

Here's an update from her foster mom:

"I thought I would find she passed this morning when I woke at 4:30 to check on her - she was still fighting. I gave her fluids and pet her and whispered in her ear "You've been through too much to not make it now - how about a little miracle?". I went back at 7:30 and force fed her some soft food, more fluids and she stood up briefly to greet me. She hasn't used the litterbox in 2 days. She's peeing a bit on her bedding which I change every time I go to her.

I took an early lunch at 11 and gave more fluids and a few syringes of wet food. This time I whispered "Girl, if you can beat this you'll be a queen and live the life you always deserved...promise..."

When I came home from work, Donna was cradling her and I thought it was's not yet.

She stood up a bit more, circled once and plopped back down. I gave a few more syringes of wet food, fluids and rubbed her down with a warm/dry towel from the dryer. I cleaned her eyes and she purred and purred.

She's dry, safe and warm. Listening to NPR and being checked in on every couple of hours.

There's a whisper of hope, it's faint, frail and a little stinky but it's there....."

Doodle, hang in there with us! We'll fatten you up and find you the new loving forever home you deserve!

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