Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kitty Perry: Proof that semi-feral kittens can be tamed!

Kitty Perry came to OARS as a wild little semi-feral kitten...she ran from us, hid and could barely be touched. After weeks of holding her, petting her, playing with her and all-around giving her as much love as possible, she is now a happy, healthy, friendly little lovebug! This sweetheart is now available for adoption and ready for her forever home. Take a look at this sweet girl now!

Beautiful Kitty Perry

Sweet, loving little tortoiseshell

She loves attention now!

She loves to be petted and have her tummy rubbed

Kitty Perry loves other kitties like her foster brother Timone

1 comment:

  1. My cat, Sarah, is semi feral. When we went to the rescue to possibly adopt a different cat, Sarah was rolling around on the floor by my kids. The rescue said Sarah never let anyone pet her & never acted like that before she saw my kids. That was all it took...we knew we had to adopt her. She has turned out to be the best cat! Your foster Kitty Perry is super cute!