Sunday, April 5, 2009

Foster babies hangin in there

What a rough weekend. I got two baby foster girls, Zinnie and Bug. Only 7 weeks old, and still so fragile. Both of them were showing severe signs of upper respiratory on Friday night, so I brought them into my basement bathroom, which I use as emergency sick-care/quarantine. Friday night was rough; Saturday morning was worse. 

I ended up at the emergency Animal Referral Center Saturday afternoon after I thought I was going to loose Zinnie and Bug was pooping blood...poor little babies. I was there 3 hours, and the vet was very helpful. I got some medication and high-calorie food and good instructions for lots of TLC.

Saturday night and Sunday morning I spent checking in on them and force-feeding special food and KMR milk every couple hours. After lots and lots of care and love, I think they've pulled are some pics of them from tonight...I think they'll make it. Bug, as you can see, is eating on her own and playing with toys. Zinnie has a ways to go, but I have faith. They are the most adorable, sweet little babies.

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