Sunday, April 5, 2009

Semi-feral? Not anymore!

My foster cat Chloe was dubbed "semi-feral" when she first came to us. She was such a scaredy cat...she hid in the rafters in her first foster home, and was very standoffish. However, she slowly came out of her shell...

Now, she is quite possibly one of the sweetest, lovingest kitties ever! She adores attention, and comes by me every time I'm in the foster room, demanding attention and pets and she LOVES to have her tummy rubbed. It took us a few weeks, but we were able to socialize, she is ready for her new forever home, filled with love to give that special someone. We never gave up hope on this little sweetie!

Oh and she adores her foster sister, Susie Q. This picture is of her giving Susie kisses.

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  1. Love it! Such a wonderful picture! Great work Emily!