Friday, January 28, 2011

Handsome Huck gets even HANDSOMER!

One of our OARS foster kitties, Huckleberry, got a grooming today, donated by Jen at the Doggy Day Spa! He was such a GOOD BOY for the whole royal fact, Jen said he was the EASIEST cat to groom she has EVER had! What a good boy, and now he feels so much better since he knows he is LOOKIN GOOD! :)

First came the bath...he wasn't real fond of that but Denise used her gentle touch to keep him calm

Drying time...he was so patient with us..

More drying...

And more drying...


More combing...

All done! His fur is now silky, gorgeous and poofy!

Now he's back in foster care, lookin' fine and ready for his forever home!

Again, thank you Jen at Doggy Day Spa for donating this royal treatment to make our handsome Huck even handsomer! Visit them at 1345 S. Commercial St or

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  1. Personally I have never heard about this event before so it was really interesting to read it and to know something attractive and new.

    What a great rescue.