Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saving Cats Across Wisconsin!

This weekend we saved homeless cats and kittens from both The Lost Companion Rescue of Wild Rose and Catkins Rescue of Fifield Wisconsin! OARS typically takes in our cats from other rescues and shelters when they are overfull. We are so happy to be able to have the resources and support to help some of the rescues who are in more rural areas or don't have the resources to keep some of these homeless kitties in their care. One of the kitties we rescued was in care for four years!

Emily (me!) from OARS and Laura from Catkins, with donations we were able to share with them - we took in Precious, who had been with them 4 years since kittenhood, and two shy kittens, Mia and Tio

Natalie from OARS and Melissa from The Lost Companion, with Mingo, an FIV positive kitty we took in from them who had been living outside for a long time

Tio, a little kitten from Catkins - a shy little boy who has a loving, playful side

Mia, Tio's sister - also very shy but getting lots of lovin' in an OARS foster home!


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