Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ernie Makes Progress

I transferred Ernie to a different foster home so I could foster some of the 24 dogs we're getting from Arkansas this weekend...and she is absolutely wonderful. She has years of experience with puppy mill dogs and has made amazing strides with our sweet Ernie. Her names is Donna and I got an update from her today on Ernie:

"Today Ernie decided to be a dog. He started eating, drinking, running in the yard, showed interest in playing with a toy in the house, and now he is even chewing on a cow hoof ... they are very stinky but dogs love them!! He does not stiffen when I pick him up and sometimes he even seems to make an effort to raise himself when I lift him. He was treated for tapeworm today and has his dental on Wednesday. After that he will be neutered... Today he has made remarkable progress. I can tell he jumped a psychological hurdle. Oh, happy day .... :-) "

It is so wonderful to hear our sweet Ernie is doing so well! Soon he will be ready for his new forever home!

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