Monday, May 4, 2009

My Puppy Mill Dog: Ernie

I picked up my first puppy mill dog tonight. Another rescuer went down to MO to a puppy mill "auction" and tried to get some of the older dogs that no other breeders would want. There were some sad stories and it was a brave, hard thing for her to do.

Welcome Ernie to OARS, our first puppy mill case. He has been very easy so far. He's docile and friendly, wags his tail a lot and loves to be petted and really loves being held close in a blanket. He isn't eating much and did pee on the floor once, but he's had a rough last couple days and is probably scared and confused.

This poor guy spent his last 9 years in a tiny cage in less-than-ideal conditions, surrounded by other purebreds like him, doing the same thing. When called upon, he had to mate. That's why he was there. Little human interaction. Little love.

We can show him the love he deserves, and it is a cool, amazing, beautiful thing.

Emily and Ernie :)

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  1. Hi Em...he is so cute! How heartwarming that through all of this...through the horrible life he's had...he still wags his tail. I'm glad you were able to take him in and give him a second chance at life. Good for you and OARS! I salute you all. :)

    --other Em