Sunday, July 12, 2009

10 More Pups Rescued!

I LOVE this shot of Ruby! Such a silly lovergirl!

We took in 10 more dogs and puppies from Arkansas; 4 border collie baby girls, 2 Black Lab mixes, an Aussie mix, a Beagle mix, a Husky mix, and an All-American-who-knows-what-she-is-but-she's-cute mix. :)

That brings our total to 50 dogs and puppies rescued from the Arkansas shelter, in under 2 months! Wow! We are so happy to be able to help save these sweet doggies's lives and help them find new forever homes up her in WI.

Molly is our cute All-American mix girl; she has the sweetest demeanor and just adores people.

Sally was the cutest little one of the bunch - the only white one in a sea of black dogs. She looks like the RCA dog!

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