Thursday, July 2, 2009

11 more puppies from Arkansas!

Oh my DOG! We got 7 Jack Russell/Husky mix pups! We were so curious what they'd look like - and they are even cuter than we thought possible!

Wow, what an amazing weekend! We had so much fun with the absolutely irresistible puppies that we got from the shelter in Arkansas. I just can't believe how great the need is down there for help. All of these precious babies were scheduled for euthanasia. And up here, we already have nearly all of them adopted, in less than a week! We are so excited to be able to help these pups. Their temperament couldn't be better - we just can't get over how loving and sweet they are. Thanks to all the volunteers who are helping us with care and coordination, and especially to Corey, who is doing an amazing, hard job for us - coordinating everything for these dogs. She is truly a lifesaver!

Archie - he was a last-second addition to the run - we just couldn't say no to this one-of-a-kind little baby!

Baby Coalie - quite possibly the cutest Black Lab pup baby I've ever seen!

Dixie and Jackson playing! Their foster Dad says they are the most docile, affectionate pups he's ever met!

Teddy and Tandy...two absolutely adorable little Jack, so sweet.

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  1. How big have the husky/jack russell puppies gotten???