Monday, March 30, 2009

And Along Came Smoochie...

Smoochie stole my heart from the minute I picked her up at the shelter, because she was the runt of the litter and about half the size of her siblings. The vet tech didn't think she'd make it through the night. But with careful, monitored force feeding of Recovery food and KMR, round-the-clock, and lost of other efforts like keeping the humidifier running and the foster room a good temperature and also of course lots of loving and handling and playtime...Smoochie made it!

Smoochie was adopted twice and came back to me. She was returned the first time because the woman said having a cat was too much responsibility (what? try a dog!) but I was happy to have her back. I think adopted her to a friend, who tried it for a few months, but her older adult male cat just did not like little Smoochie. So Smoochie came back home to me again.

I told my husband it was meant to be. He reluctantly agreed. He is such a good husband, did I mention that before?

And then there were four.

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