Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Pics from New Orleans

These are the other three girls who went on the 18-hour drive down there with me... Jen, Brooke and Jennifer. We also drove a wonderful pit bull sweetheart named Lola back down with us. She had been rescued by a volunteer from Wisconsin who had been in LA the previous week at a dog shelter that had 600 dogs there and only 3 family reunions while she was there. She had decided to take Lola back to WI with her to foster her until her real family could be found. Lo and behold, the family had been able to return to their residence and saw her number spray painted on the wall and called her, and wanted Lola back! They wanted to ship her on a plane, but since this is very dangerous, the volunteer called me since she knew I was going down there. 

We took sweet Lola with us, who didn't make a peep the entire trip and mostly slept in her cage. When we finally made it to Jackson MS the first night (and got one of the last available hotel rooms, believe it or not!) we met Lola's owner, Vita. Vita was so excited to see her loving Lola that she cried and hugged her over and over. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of reuniting Lola with her family.

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