Monday, March 30, 2009

Starting Saving Paws

Shortly after I returned from my trip to MS and I got all 14 of the kitties we brought back adopted, which took a couple months of vet runs, foster home coordination and lots of marketing, I met Michelle McRae through a mutual friend, Donna Gasbarro. Michelle was thinking of starting her own no-kill animal rescue. I was so excited because this had been what I'd always wanted to do myself.

We planned everything out, got lots of help and advice, and Saving Paws was officially born in September 2006. We worked our butts off to get this little organization up and running. We soon networked out and found that there are a lot of wonderful people in our community who are willing to held and support our efforts. By April 27, 2008, we had placed 845 once-homeless pets into new loving forever homes.

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