Friday, March 27, 2009

Meeting Benji

In August 2003 I went to the American Humane Association's annual Humane Conference in Denver, as a representative of American Partnership for Pets. APfP was a coalition of national animal welfare groups that was formed by the folks at Prevent a Litter Coalition, with the common goal of promoting ideas that would benefit all homeless animals. The main idea we were promoting at this event was the spay/neuter postal stamp.

The actual Benji "star dog" was at this event. This is me holding Benji. I got to meet her and hold her! (Yes, the actual "actress" was a female). They had held a competition across animal shelters in the U.S. to find their next star for the movie, which came out that year. This little girl was found wandering the streets of Mississippi and was in a shelter down there. The directors met her and she was the winner and thus the starring leading lady in the film. The film's director trained her to do everything. Another reason shelter dogs rock.

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