Sunday, March 29, 2009

At the Sanctuary

The Humane Society of Louisiana had lost everything, including their building, after Hurricane Katrina. But they had just purchased a 1200 sq ft small brick ranch on 4 acres that was 2 hours north of New Orleans in Tylertown, MS. This because their emergency disaster response center. 

Volunteers would go out on the streets of New Orleans during the day, rescue as many pets as they could, then come back to Tylertown at night with them. We'd have intake at night and do all the paperwork and vet checks, and then place them in appropriate temporary housing. The volunteers like me who worked most of their time at the shelter caring for the pets would then care for them until other shelters and rescues could come and take some away to keep them safe until their owners could be found, or if they were surrendered by their owners, to be adopted into new loving homes.

Here are some pictures of the disaster relief center in Tylertown.

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